Curzon Building

Curzon Crescent

Curzon is Brent’s largest and oldest Nursery School. It opened in 1938 as a purpose built Nursery School to serve the local community. In 2005, Curzon joined forces with Sure Start Roundwood and became a Children’s Centre, providing support to children and families by offering a larger range of services and access to information on one site.

Curzon’s 104 place Nursery is divided into 2 ‘units’ and an outside classroom which is shared. Each unit is staffed with a mixture of teachers, nursery nurses and nursery assistants.

Fawood Building


Fawood was a newly built Children’s Centre in 2005, incorporating Evan Davies Nursery School.  It is an innovative design and an award winning building.

Fawood’s 55 place nursery is housed within one large interchangeable inside and outside space. The nursery also has some 2 year old places through the Nursery Education Grant. It is staffed with a mixture of teachers, nursery nurses and nursery assistants.

Both Curzon  & Fawood Nursery Schools also have allocated spaces for Children in Need and Children with Disabilities, which are allocated by Brent Council directly.

Our Rainbows Provision

We are very proud to have a fully integrated provision for children with Autistic Spectrum Disorder (A.S.D) at Fawood. This is funded as an extension to our school. Children across Brent are allocated a part-time place by an Early Years Panel each month. Our Rainbows provision is staffed, as in the mainstream nursery by a mixture of teachers, nursery officers and nursery assistants.

Services Header

Family Services

Both Curzon & Fawood Children’s Centres provide a wide range of additional services to meet the Children’s Centre Core Purpose. We run services for at least 48 weeks of the year for children under 5 and their families.

Families living within the reach areas of both centres can access Citizen’s Advice and Speech & Language Therapy appointments, which are commissioned by Brent Council, from the Centres.  Midwives are also based with us at our Curzon site as well as Health Visitors providing weekly clinics.

We offer and deliver a wide range of services for children and families, including first aid, parenting support and counselling. Our services develop and change according to parent’s needs and their views.

Family Support Workers provide specialist guidance and advice on both an individual and group basis.

We work in partnership with other agencies and Centres to deliver inter-generational learning programs, adult learning, health promotion and specific events focusing on areas such as employability and healthy living.

Challenge House Exterior

Challenge House

The Partnership also includes a third Children’s Centre reach area, to the centre of Harlesden, Challenge House.

This is a council run building that hosts a number of social care teams, as well as space to deliver Children’s Centre activities.

The services staff have developed a cross-partnership timetable to utilise all 3 sites, taking into account budget allowances.