At our 2013 Graduation, Parents shared their thoughts about and experiences of our Partnership, some of these can be viewed in the video playlist below:

During an IYPP Parenting Class, parents shared their thoughts about the Centre and the Programme, some of these can be viewed in the video playlist below:

My experiences with the Parent’s Forum – Rebecca Barragato

I have attended a few meetings and I have enjoyed them all. Found it all very informative and importance as a parent with children at Fawood. I feel very much a part of the parent community through these forum. And I find that my views and recommendations are heard and respected. This is also a great platform to meet and interact with other parents. I feel this is a very positive meeting and it should continue and more parents should attend and be part of it.

Messages from Parents to the Fawood Team, July 2014:

Yes…it’s time to say goodbye…
It was lovely to be here with you all, to have your support, to absorb your knowledge, to know that you’re part of my beginnings. I’m going BUT nor worries I’m still going to see you all from time to time.

I have observed my daughter excel from being a shy little girl into a confident, happy, self-motivated, enthusiastic person since she started her nursery placement at Fawood Children’s Centre. I would like to thank the team at Fawood for their dedication, patience and guidance. Their efforts have helped my daughter to build a strong foundation in readiness for Reception class and beyond. I am very happy and pleased with the progress made.

I am so very pleased with my daughter’s progress during her time at Fawood. Full credit to all the staff. My daughter has fully enjoyed her time at Fawood and will miss it terribly. She has developed skills which she will take forward to Reception. Thank you.

I feel that my son has grown mentally since starting at Fawood. I believe his behaviour has improved immensely and I am very proud with the progress that has been made.

I can see my son has changed and progressed over time especially with settling and behaviour. He made lots of friendships and is now able to share without aggression. He matured a lot and became a sensible boy. I am proud of him.

Our son has always shown a keen interest in learning new things at home. We are proud to hear that he continues to engage these skills at nurser. We are happy that he is able to use the toilet independently thanks to the nursery staff. We are proud of his achievements and we hope that he continues to grow as a motivated and confident individual.